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I specialize in genre portraiture, which is a kind of advanced costume play that transforms a portrait subject into an interpretation of a character from a myth, story, or text. Often, the text I draw from originates in my personal narrative and thus the tableau becomes an illustration of an autobiographical event. Genre portraiture has a long historical precedent for being used in art and analogy. A notable practitioner in early photography was Julia Margaret Cameron. In contemporary cases, genre portraits are often used in fashion and pin-up photography.

I also work on fine art collections that correspond to text, stories, or myths, but do not include human subjects. These collections depict settings, artifacts, or experiences and can transcend traditional media to include 3-D installations, performance art, sound art, and spoken word poetry.

I have a profound belief in the experience and power of purely digital media. I have a reverence for cyber space as a presentation space for art, images, and story-telling. I have a profound belief in the power of the web to connect human beings and allow for the development of a global mythology, complete with art, ritual, and Socially Awkward Penguin.